Spanish Live Online Courses

Spanish Live Online Courses

As the Top Rated Local® language school in El Paso, La Paz Language Academy offers prestigious language learning programs for high schoolers who are looking to get credit while learning a new language outside of school. In addition to our high school classes in more than 20 different languages, we are pleased to offer summer programs for high school students and virtual Spanish classes for high school credit. Here is what you can expect from our Spanish live online courses at La Paz!

Our Spanish live online courses are held during the normal school year and are based on TEKS curriculum for languages other than English, using the REALIDADES textbook. Unlike other language schools in the area that offer virtual Spanish courses for high schoolers, our Spanish live online courses are taught via Skype or Zoom by a live language instructor. Grades for our Spanish live online courses are assigned based on:






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As part of our philosophy to set all of our language students up for success, we also offer customized language classes for graduating seniors and students with special needs. Our Spanish live online courses also include small group practice and private instruction so you learn the language in an interactive, culturally immersive environment with a native Spanish teacher.

We have taught students from a variety of public and private high schools over the years, so our administrative staff has created a smooth transcript transferring process that allows you to receive high school credit for your virtual Spanish classes with us. Interested in taking a Spanish live online course at La Paz? Enroll today!

Benefits of Spanish Live Online Courses

There are countless benefits to learning a second language. Here at La Paz Language Academy, we encourage our students to continue their education of the language they’ve been practicing. Given that many of our students are incredibly motivated individuals, it’s not uncommon for them to continue practicing this language for many years to come. This is, we believe, one of the reasons that our Spanish Live Online Courses are a fantastic options for so many people. Regardless of the level of learning that you, your child, or your partner is at, these classes are readily available and easy to access.

Whether you’re currently looking for the perfect class to enroll yourself or your child in, our Spanish Live Online Courses are a great option worth considering. Keep reading for a few of the reasons that we absolutely love our online Spanish courses.


Don’t let the idea of the class being online turn you off to the option. These classes, though online, are taught by instructors in real time. Your child isn’t going to be interacting with a non-responsive video that they can ignore, pause or avoid. These classes are just as hands-on and inclusive as the in-person classes that we offer at our language learning academy. So, if you have questions, need to go back to a point, or you need the instructor to slow down, you are fully able to do so. It’s pretty difficult to find these types of features with apps or pre-recorded videos.


Part of the reason that so many people love the Spanish Live Online Courses that we offer is because of how easy it is to access them. While we are the top language academy in El Paso, we aren’t only serving individuals that are directly in the area. In fact, our accredited programs and the competitive instructors that we’ve hired on have made us an incredibly sought after language academy. With the ability to partake in classes online, we are able to serve individuals across the state of Texas, the United States, and the world!

Aside from being able to tackle the accessibility of physical location, our online classes make it incredibly easy for individuals to enjoy a language class regardless of their schedule. Everyone has a busy schedule these days. Be it children that you’re juggling at home or a desk job with long office hours, our online classes make it easier for you to take a class on top of it all. Simply open up the class on your computer and you’re ready to go! It’s pretty amazing how accessible a quality language education is thanks to online classes.


There’s no denying that online classes provide so much more convenience than physical classes do. Rather than having to worry about driving in to El Paso for the class, you can simply open up the computer and start your classes right then and there — it’s as simple as that. I mean, does it really get any easier to enjoy a quality language lesson? Sure, you can opt for apps on your phone or free videos on the web, but then you miss out on that live interaction and guidance, which our classes provide. If you want both quality and convenience, it doesn’t get better than the Spanish Live Online Classes at La Paz Language Academy.

Convenience is also a major benefit for parents who have students learning Spanish and are in it for the long haul. When you have a child that is going to be taking classes for the foreseeable future, it is so much easier to have the ability for them to take the classes in the comfort of your home. Between hours at school, homework sent home, any sports or extracurricular activities, and the mere time that children need to be a kid, having a language class available online can make it easier for your child to focus, complete the task, and move onto the next thing without having to factor in drive time.


Something that most of us can agree on is that physical classrooms have tons of distractions. This is one of the cons of attending a physical class, especially for something like a second language that requires lots of time and practice to perfect. Whether you or your child is distracted easily or they get caught up in the friend-making aspect of physical classes, online language courses may be worth considering simply for the fact that they increase one’s ability to focus. Without the endless distractions of the classroom, students are able to better focus on the lesson at hand, thus improving their ability to absorb the lesson.


When it comes to finding language classes that are readily available online or in the comfort of one’s home, it’s not very often that you’re going to be receiving a high-quality education alongside that convenience and accessibility. With our Spanish Live Online Courses, students are able to learn in real time. This means that they are not only interacting with an app or quick and easy multiple choice questions. With the live instructor feature of our online classes, students are able to practice reading, writing, speaking, and more! At the end of the day, you really are able to enjoy the convenience online classes are known for while feeling confident in the education that they’re getting.

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There are countless benefits to enrolling in the Spanish Live Online Classes that we offer. Whether you’re looking for convenience, accessibility, or simply an option that makes it easier to juggle everything going on in your life, you can find comfort knowing that you’re receiving a high-quality education at La Paz Learning Academy.

It’s quick and easy to enroll! Simply head on over to our website and register for classes in the comfort of your own home. If you come across any issues or you need some help, contact our team and we would be more than happy to guide you through the process and get you taken care of.

About Our AP Foreign Language Courses

La Paz Language Academy is an AP Ledger language school that is authorized to accredit AP designation on high schoolers’ transcripts, which may transfer into college credit, depending on which college you choose to attend. Our AP courses were reviewed by the Advanced Placement Program as part of the AP Course Audit for the academic years listed on the schools’ Authorized AP Courses list. In our AP language programs, students receive high school foreign language credits following the AP syllabus and are taught by experienced, native-speaking AP language teachers. In our AP language classes for high schoolers, we engage students in challenging course material via group activities and individual instruction. We also offer one-on-one tutoring for students who need help with their high school language classes or learning English as a second language. Our language instructors are dedicated to the success of their students and are more than willing to cater to their unique needs.


Ready to learn a foreign language for high school credit?

Ready to learn a foreign language for high school credit? Sign up for a Spanish live online course or an AP foreign language course at La Paz Language Academy in El Paso. We are proud to offer high school credit for language classes in Arabic, Korean, Hebrew, Portuguese, and American Sign Language, as well as other custom language courses based on your school district’s credit acceptance policy.