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Meet Our Language Teachers

At La Paz Language Academy, not only do students of all ages find a great source for online language classes, but our amazing foreign language teachers also enjoy the pleasant working atmosphere of our online language school. All of our language instructors are native to the countries where the languages they teach are used, and are able to use their cultural experiences to pass their knowledge and passion along to our students. Through this unwavering commitment to their students, our language teachers also find countless opportunities for personal and professional growth. There is no limit for learning a foreign language, and much of that learning comes from teaching others and growing alongside them in the process.

Native Argentinean and director of the language academy, Alba (Ely) Ferreyra Gutierrez, believes that an important step in achieving success when learning a new language is the ability to communicate with others. With this in mind, she recruited a group of highly skilled and talented foreign language instructors who are passionate about their work.

La Paz Language Academy opened its doors in El Paso in 2003 to people of all walks of life, from young children to the elderly. By welcoming them to join us in such an exciting adventure, it is our mission to pass along the fulfillment that comes with overcoming the challenges of learning a new language. We’re excited to now offer all of our language lessons completely online! That being said, here are the experts behind our intensive English classes (and ESL classes), Spanish lessons, French lessons, and all of the other foreign languages we teach.


  • Principal: Alba (Ely) Ferreyra Gutierrez
  • General Manager: Lilian Porras
  • Academic Director: Irma Castillo
  • High School Director: Ana Gutierrez
  • Assistant Manager: Sarah Mamlook
  • IT: Facundo Gutierrez


  • Alvarado, Gilbert- American Sign Language
  • Becker Maritza- German
  • Denzel, Anna- Italian/German/English
  • Kazuko, Goldie- Japanese
  • Kwon, Geuri- Japanese/Korean
  • Dumeusois, Gerome- French
  • Gutierrez, Ana- Spanish
  • Haddad, Sonia- Arabic
  • Hsu, Sharon- Chinese
  • Jing, Xing- Chinese
  • Keyvan, Zohreh- Arabic
  • Kim, Mihee- Korean
  • Maio-Cardenas, Juliana- Portuguese
  • Mansour, Jeniffer- English
  • Reta-Cabezut, Amanda- English/Spanish
  • Rivera, Lizette- French/ Spanish/ English
  • Savchenko, Natalia- Russian

Ready to take the next step in your language learning journey? Enroll in our online language classes for adults, corporate groups, high schoolers, or children at La Paz Language Academy!