About Our Spanish Intensive Summer Programs

As a Top Rated Local® online language school, La Paz Language Academy is pleased to offer intensive Spanish summer programs for high schoolers and middle schoolers! If your goal is to learn Spanish quickly or earn your language credits during the summer, these intensive summer programs are for you. They’re intimate, fast-paced, and full of engaging course material. Plus, you get school credit! Here’s what you can expect from our accelerated Spanish language lessons at La Paz Language Academy.

Small Class Sizes

At La Paz Language Academy, we believe that the key to learning a new language is to do so in an intimate, culturally immersive setting. Our intensive Spanish courses have a maximum size of 10 students, though they typically have even fewer, and they are taught by native-speaking language teachers who bring their own life experiences to the digital classroom. This allows our Spanish students to get the individualized attention they need to learn, practice, and ask questions about the target language as they move through the course material quickly. Our Spanish teachers are dedicated to student success, so they are also available to answer questions outside of class.

Compressed Course Material

Our intensive summer Spanish programs are offered for students grades 7-12 (12-18 years old) who are at Spanish levels 1-5, and the programs are broken into two sessions that are taken two weeks at a time. The first session (part A, 30 hours of class time required) is equivalent to one semester of a language course, lasting just two weeks with three-hour classes every weekday. After this session has been completed, students move onto session two (part B, 30 hours of class time required), with three-hour classes every weekday that equate to the second semester of a school language course. Together, these sessions (60 hours of class time) amount to a full year of Spanish classes at their school, making them a great way to learn Spanish quickly during the summer.

Earn School Credit

After just four weeks of three-hour classes every weekday, our intensive Spanish students complete the equivalent of one year of language material! This translates into a full year of school credit that is accepted in the El Paso, Canutillo, Socorro, and Ysleta Independent School Districts, as well as Cathedral High School, Paso del Norte Academy, St Clement’s Loreto Academy, and several other Texas school districts. Each two-week session costs $500, and the full two sessions cost $1,000 to enroll.

Dates for the Summer 2020 session will be announced soon! We are currently recalibrating our schedules due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Enroll In Our Intensive Spanish Program This Summer!

Our intensive summer classes allow students to study Spanish at a far more accelerated level than is taught in the traditional classroom setting. In a small group of up to 10 students, teens will learn Spanish quickly and correctly, with one-on-one attention from their language teacher. They will also engage in culturally immersive activities and course material that help to enhance their understanding of the Spanish language while attaching meaning to key words, phrases, and sentences.

Ready to learn Spanish quickly in accelerated classes for middle school and high school students? Experience the difference of culturally immersive language lessons taught by our native Spanish-speaking teachers. Feel free to reach out to us for more information, and enroll in one of our intensive Spanish programs at La Paz Language Academy this summer! Fill out the form below to get started.

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