At La Paz not only students find a great place to learn but also our amazing staff enjoys the pleasant working atmosphere. All our native teachers, from different countries, blend together with the purpose of passing knowledge to our students and with this commitment teachers also find countless opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Native Argentinean and director of the academy, Alba (Ely) Ferreyra Gutierrez believes that an important step in achieving success is the ability to communicate if not to master a foreign language, and with this in mind she recruited a group of highly skilled and talented colleges who are passionate about their work.

La Paz Language Academy opens its doors in 2003 to everyone, from young children to the elderly welcoming them to join us in the exciting adventure as well as in the satisfying and profitable challenge of learning a new language


  • Director: Alba (Ely) Ferreyra Gutierrez
  • Academic Director: Metztli Vital
  • Administrative Director: Facundo Gutierrez
  • Enrollment Counselor: Lauralea Bratcher

Foreign Language Instructors

Alvarado, Gilbert American Sign Language
Becker, Maritza German
Denzel, Anna Italian/German/English
Kazuko, Goldie Japanese
Kwon, Geuri Japanese/Korean
Dumeusois, Gerome French
Gutierrez, Ana Spanish
Haddad, Sonia Arabic
Hsu, Sharon Chinese
Hsu, Philip Chinese
Keyvan, Zohreh Arabic
Kim, Mihee Korean
Marziali, Niva Italian
Maio-Cardenas, Juliana Portuguese
Mansour, Jeniffer English
Porras Lilian, English/Spanish
Reta-Cabezut, Amanda English/Spanish
Rivera, Lizette French/ Spanish/ English
Savchenko, Natalia Russian