Boost Your English Vocabulary Skills

Studying a second language will boost your grasp of your native language, too. Research has found that the study of foreign languages correlates strongly with stronger scores on SAT and GRE tests, as well as on English vocabulary tests in general. By studying the language and grammar structure of another language, your brain will be trained to more intuitively understand that of your original language. Linguistics is a skill that can be developed, and when you take online language classes to learn a second language, you’re improving your mind’s ability to comprehend and articulate language, no matter the type. It’s no wonder that bilingual students often find it easier to pick up additional languages after they’ve learned their second.


Become A More Confident Communicator

As you study in online language classes, immerse yourself in culture, and learn to master your language of choice, you’ll grow more confident in your ability to communicate and articulate your thoughts and feelings. Since learning a second language simultaneously improves your skills with your native language, you’ll become more adept in conversation, and the increased comfortability will likely make it easier for you to find the confidence to speak up when you want to! 


Become A Better Speaker


Learn More About The World

Learning a second language isn’t just about picking up a new skill, at least not in our online language classes at La Paz Language Academy. Your Duolingos and Rosetta Stones of the world might focus almost entirely on vocabulary, but we know that truly understanding a new language extends to understanding the regions and cultures that it came from.


When you study a foreign language at La Paz, our multicultural approach to language teaching will help you learn more about the world, especially the cultures in which your chosen language is spoken most commonly. Learning about the world and how other people live will help you gain understanding of other people and more easily form meaningful connections with them — and we mean with everyone, not just people who speak the same language that you’re studying. 


Gain A Greater Appreciation For Diversity

Experiencing the cultures that your chosen language of study came from will expose you to different ways of life and give you a deeper understanding and appreciation of just how many different walks of life can be found amongst humanity on the planet. You’ll realize the true scope of diversity and how valuable it can be — not just economically speaking, but socially and culturally, too. 


We take a multicultural approach to teaching at our online language school because we understand the value of bilingual education and diverse backgrounds in today’s global economy and society. 


Choose Our Multicultural Approach