It seems as though people are busier now than ever before, as we juggle work, school, family time, social activities, pets, exercise, hobbies, errands, and other responsibilities on a daily basis. With so much to do, learning a foreign language can seem daunting to some people, especially if they already have a full schedule. However, there are some tricks to help you learn a new language fast, which our language teachers at La Paz Language Academy in El Paso will outline in this blog post!

Start Young

It is commonly said that children learn languages quicker than adults, and there is some truth to this statement. Of course, kids have less to worry about than adults, which means they have more free time to learn, develop, and grow. Kids’ brains are also still in the early developmental stage, making them more impressionable and quick to pick up on new learning material than adults. Though teens and adults have more discipline than kids when it comes to studying Spanish, French, German, or any other target language, children tend to have more energy, passion, and creativity, all of which make learning a foreign language fun — and effective.

If you can, start learning a new language early by enrolling in a summer language camp during middle school or taking Spanish classes in high school. Even if you don’t stick with language classes for more than a year, you’ll have a foundation to come back to if you want to learn a foreign language later in life!

Immerse Yourself

Another way to learn a language quickly is to immerse yourself in the culture of a country where it is spoken. If you’re learning French, for example, consider studying abroad in France for a semester in college, or taking a month-long trip with your friends to explore Paris, Marseille, and the French Riviera. There’s something about experiencing the culture and traditions of a new place that helps you remember key words, phrases, and sentences, especially if you’re forced to use them in order to communicate with the locals. Plus, there are no textbooks or cheat sheets to look at when you’re at a Spanish library, a German pub, or a restaurant in China, unless you’re at an establishment where English is commonly spoken.

At La Paz Language Academy, all of our language classes are taught by native language teachers who grew up speaking the target language. Though this does not equate to true cultural immersion, it gives students a unique perspective on the language as they are taught about the culture, traditions, and lifestyle behind the words and phrases they learn.

Practice Outside Of Class & Teach Others

If you’re learning a new language by taking classes at a local language school, the best thing you can do to speed up your learning is to attend all of the language classes, study outside of class, and teach others what you’ve learned when you can. It’s true that one of the best ways to learn a new language is to teach words and phrases to your friends and family, as this forces you to think about them in a new way. Plus, you have to know what you’re talking about to explain it to someone else, and this type of memorization is a great way to solidify foreign words, phrases, and sentences in your mind.

Looking for more tips to help you learn a new language quickly and efficiently? Stay tuned for future blog posts from our language teachers, and enroll in one of our language learning programs today at La Paz Language Academy in El Paso!