Picking up a new language is never simple. But with quality instruction and good practice habits, you can make the process easier and fun! If you’re looking for ways to help you learn Spanish faster, keep reading!

La Paz Language Academy is the top online language school in El Paso. With full accreditation and a staff full of native-speaking foreign language instructors, La Paz is your go-to source for quality online language lessons, regardless of if you’re looking for Spanish classes for beginners or adult Spanish classes. Check out our website to learn more about our course offerings, and read on to learn eight ways you can augment your Spanish practice!

  1. Read Everything

One of the easiest ways to study Spanish without making it feel like a chore is to read things written in Spanish. Start by choosing things you would normally read, such as cooking recipes, magazines, or whatever else to start learning how to talk about the things you find most interesting in Spanish. 

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  1. Try Spanish-Speaking Media

You might also try watching Spanish-speaking television programs. Watching Spanish-language news broadcasts, such as from Univision, can help you get a feel for common vocabulary, whereas entertainment programs like telenovelas for Spanish soap operas can give you a feel for how conversations flow amongst Spanish speakers. 

  1. Sing Along To Mexican & Spanish Music

Spanish is known as a language of passion, and many Spanish-speaking countries, particularly Spain and Mexico, are known for their music. Try listening to famous artists such as Vincente Fox or Luis Miguel, whose slower-pace love ballads are often easier for newer Spanish speakers to understand.

  1. Make Spanish-Speaking Friends

Practicing with a friendly, patient partner is an awesome way to build up your comfortability and confidence in speaking Spanish conversationally. At La Paz Language Academy, we focus a large part of our curriculum on group conversation practice, encouraging students to learn from each other, and offering additional study halls and private support to help students become confident in conversations in Spanish. 

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  1. Put More Effort Into Your Practice Materials

When using practice materials like flash cards, don’t just go the easy route and drill yourself on single vocabulary words, such as the Spanish word for ‘breakfast’. Challenge yourself with more challenging, practical phrases, such as ‘this breakfast is delicious!’ or ‘What would you like for breakfast?’. 

  1. Try Translating Everyday Communication

A large part of learning a new language is teaching your brain to think and process in that language, too. A great way to develop this mental habit is to practice translating things you hear spoken or see in writing into Spanish. 

  1. Make Use Of Your Commute Time

When you’re travelling to school or work in the mornings, you can leverage that time by listening to Spanish podcasts or audiobooks, or practicing pronunciation and vocabulary. Who said morning commutes have to be boring?

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  1. Be Consistent 

No matter what methods of practice you employ as you learn Spanish, the key is to be consistent. Making Spanish practice a part of your daily routine is one of the best ways to ensure your knowledge of Spanish sticks around long-term. 

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Quality practice habits will do you good, but they’re no replacement for an experienced teacher. Sign up for online Spanish classes from some of El Paso’s finest instructors at La Paz Language Academy. Master Spanish and earn course credit!

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