Why Children Learn Foreign Languages Faster Than Adults la paz language academy el paso

Language is absolutely necessary in this world for survival. We need to be able to communicate in order to work together, to live together, and to thrive. From telling someone that you are hungry or need help to communicating your work project so you can make this world better, language is integral to all that we do.

Here at La Paz Language Academy in El Paso, we offer language classes for kids and adults, including online language school. We believe that when you learn a foreign language, you are learning about the culture as well, which helps to bring our world together. Below, we’ll take a look at why children learn foreign languages faster than adults. Contact our language academy to get started today!


The Immersion Factor

If you’ve studied foreign language at all, you’ll know that it takes a lot of practice to master it. In addition, when you hear it spoken all of the time, your brain will naturally begin to sort things out. One of the reasons that children learn foreign languages faster than adults is because they are immersed in it from the time they were born. They learn language without having to think about it because their brains are wired for absorption at such a young age. It’s unconscious learning; they don’t even realize they are learning.

Have Fewer Inhibitions

Children don’t get embarrassed as easily as adults nor do they have a well-developed concept of social norms. Thus, when they are speaking a foreign language and make a mistake, they don’t care; they simply go on speaking. They don’t think that they sound foolish nor do they get anxious about speaking in a new language. Also, the expectations for speaking a foreign language by others is much lower for children than adults. Thus, children will practice more and speak more, enabling them to learn the foreign language much faster.

Less Context

Due to adults’ experiences, they bring much more context to learning a foreign language than do children. Children plunge headfirst into learning, not caring about sentence structure, tense, grammar, or even if the endings of verbs or nouns are correct. They are unafraid to say anything really, which makes them more apt to speak and practice. Also, children can focus on just one meaning of a word and not worry about its other meanings. This makes putting together the basis of a foreign language even easier.

A Burning Desire to Be Heard

If you’ve ever been around little children, you will know that many like to be heard. They like to ask questions, and many like to be the center of attention. Kids are learning so much so fast that they are eager for knowledge and aren’t afraid to ask for it. Thus, the burning desire to be heard fuels their foreign language learning. They work harder and longer than adults at learning a foreign language without even realizing that they are doing so.

The Luxury of Time

If you think about your average day, odds are, you never accomplish all that you want to accomplish in this world. From getting your kids up and ready for school to going to work and focusing on your career plus coming home to all of your other chores and duties, you have precious little time for yourself. La Paz Language Academy in El Paso notes that children have so much more time than we do. This allows them to spend more time learning a foreign language, even if subconsciously. Plus, they can focus more on the language as well.

A Positive Learning Environment

Children (being little, cute, and vivacious) are encouraged to succeed in life. For the most part, children are raised with no inhibitions and believe they can accomplish anything in this world. Children are mostly rewarded for the effort that they make — whether it’s right or wrong does not matter. Adults, on the other hand, can be critical of each other. This can lead to more of an effort to learn a foreign language. Here at La Paz Language Academy, all of our students are supported and encouraged no matter their ability and their age. Our language immersion programs have positive reinforcement at every turn. See for yourself by enrolling in our online language school today!


La Paz Language Academy began with the idea that people should be able to speak two or more languages in their lifetime. Now, our online language school offers over 20 different languages to kids and adults. Using the best language learning programs available and employing highly skilled and a talented team, you can expect to achieve your language learning goals. Most of our instructors are native speakers of their chosen foreign language with years of experience in teaching students both here and abroad. Our students are highly motivated and love to learn.

Our approach to learning a foreign language is comprehensive; we use a well-rounded curriculum that focuses on the five senses and cultural immersion, as well as ample speaking opportunities to ensure learning. We offer a wide variety of classes to suit your needs, as well as many summer camps. In sum, if you are looking to learn different languages, we have the classes for you.

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