Have you ever yearned to learn a new language? Ever dream of taking a trip to Europe and fitting right in with the locals? Looking for ways to increase your employment opportunities? Our adult language learning courses can help!

At Lap Paz Language Academy, we offer a variety of private language lessons tailor-made to the needs of our students. With a catalogue of more than 20 languages, full accreditation, and a culturally immersive learning model, we’re one of the top online language schools in the U.S.! 

In today’s blog, we’re going to introduce you to the design of our adult language learning classes and discuss how they can benefit you. Keep reading to learn how we can help you master a new language!


Learn What You Want, When You Want

Have you ever tried language lessons, only to find that the teacher was teaching you a bunch of things for situations you don’t care about? Look, we get it — your life is busy! You only have time for so much learning, and you need to spend it wisely. 

At La Paz Language Academy, we treat your time as valuable as it is by customizing our instruction to your situation. We can arrange private language lessons around your schedule and tailor our curriculum to the situations in which you’ll need your chosen language most, be it for business meetings, for travel abroad, or even for simple pleasure. As an adult, time is your most valuable resource, and we spend it more wisely than any competing online language school by tailoring instruction to your needs. 


Expand Your Business Opportunities

Learning a new language isn’t just useful for travel abroad or satisfying a personal interest — it’s an investment in your future. Multilingual workers are a hot commodity on the job market, and training to make yourself multilingual is one of the easiest ways to increase both your earning potential and the diversity of job opportunities available to you.


Many professionals recognize the excellence of the education here at La Paz Language Academy and seek us out for personal instruction, which is why we offer corporate language classes for the professionals out there who just need enough language to talk shop and make their best sales pitch in a way that international clients will understand. 


Get Personalized Learning Support

In-person language lessons were on the way out, even before coronavirus set in. Do you know why? Because when it comes to learning a new language, the personalized attention you can get through online language lessons is invaluable for your progress in your new language. When you study at La Paz Language Academy, our instructors will worm with you to develop an instruction schedule and learning plan, generally with at least 20 hours of material, to help you identify your learning goals, your best learning style, and any key areas that your teacher should hone in on during instruction.

And our support doesn’t end outside of your lessons. When you study with La Paz, you’ll also gain access to one-on-one learning support, study hall, peer study groups, and other helpful learning resources. 


Expand Your Worldview

Most importantly of all, our adult language learning courses will expose you to the cultures of the people or peoples that speak the language that you choose to study. While other online language schools focus on simple vocabulary and grammar rules, we at La Paz Language Academy know that understanding culture, and the background(s) of the people you’re speaking to is just as important in your communication as the words you’re saying to them. Our language instruction incorporates cultural education to help familiarize you with the traditions, experiences, and dominant attitudes and values within the culture(s) in which your language of study is spoken. Not only will this help you become a more adept and confident communicator, but this will also help you gain a greater understanding of the world and how other people think and communicate. 


Start Learning A New Language Today

Now that you understand the benefits of our adult language learning program, what are you waiting for? Browse our guide to learn more about our language instruction, and sign up for your courses in your favorite language at La Paz Language Academy today! We look forward to helping you grow as a communicator.