In today’s global marketplace, the ability to speak multiple languages isn’t just an advantage — it’s a necessity for any company that wants to compete on the world stage. At La Paz Language Academy, we offer online language classes for corporate clients all throughout the United States. Unlike other online language schools, which offer only pre-recorded lessons or other digital resources, we offer live virtual instruction in more than 20 languages from teachers who are native speakers of the languages they teach. You need an experienced, multilingual staff to maximize your company’s capabilities, no matter the size of your operation. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss how our corporate language learning courses can benefit companies of any size, from global firms to local mom-and-pop shops. Continue reading to learn more!

Compete On The Global Marketplace

For larger firms, investing in online language classes for client-facing personnel pays dividends in the form of expanded business opportunities. The world’s dominant business language may still be English, but that doesn’t mean that European or Asian clients wouldn’t appreciate being able to clarify the details of specific deals or contracts in their native tongues. Just as it is much easier for American businesspeople to discuss the parameters of partnerships and deals in their native tongue than any other language, bringing multilingual employees to the table can grease the wheels for easier negotiations and a more comfortable business relationship with foreign clients. 

Foreign businesses respect and appreciate American businesses that can do business with them in their native tongue. Not only does taking online language lessons make it easier to converse with foreign business interests, it shows them that you respect them and value their business enough to put in the time and effort to learn about their language and culture. 

When you choose online language classes at La Paz Language Academy, you’ll also get acquainted with the cultures that speak your chosen foreign language, allowing you to understand the values they may bring to the table and find more common ground to bond over. 


Expand Your Local Customer Base
Online language lessons are invaluable to businesses, even if yours only operates locally or regionally in the United States. This country is still an incredibly diverse place in which multilinguality is an increasingly important quality for business. For example, did you know that America is home to 41 million native Spanish speakers? 13% of the US population speaks Spanish as or more comfortably than English. Without online Spanish lessons for your staff, that’s a sizable chunk of your potential customer base that you stand to miss out on. 

By investing in online language lessons for your client-facing staff, you’ll be better equipped to court the business and meet the needs of Spanish-speaking clientele, whether you’re a business seeking to expand your market share or a nonprofit seeking to help the underserved in your community. 

Online language lessons are particularly important for companies that do business in the southwestern United States, or in Florida. The southwestern United States has the highest proportion of citizens that immigrated from Mexico, South America, and Central America, making bilinguality crucial for businesses that want to achieve their full potential in the area. As many as 47% of people in states like New Mexico speak Spanish. Florida enjoys similar diversity due to its large Cuban population. Simply put — online language classes are a must for businesses, even ones that only operate stateside. 


Invest In Your Employees’ Success

Investing in online language lessons doesn’t just power up your business — it powers up your employees, too. Adding another language to the arsenal raises the value of every employee, and the investment can be a boon for your work culture. Not only will you raise the value of your employees, you’ll show them that your company cares about their growth and development as professionals. Companies that invest in their employees generally have better luck keeping their employees — paying for your employees to learn new skills will increase their value but also likely lead to a higher retention rate, saving you money in the long run. 

Ultimately, investing in online language classes for client-facing employees pays for itself — it raises your employees’ value and increases your company’s ability to compete in the multilingual marketplace, and it raises your company’s profile. Your clients and industry peers will see that your company is forward-thinking and values growth and global business, and top talent will see your company as a place they can come to hone their skills and further their careers. Essentially, investing in value attracts more value!


Increase Your Company’s Company’s Cultural Awareness And Sensitivity

In an increasingly multicultural world, investing in online language lessons will also help you and your employees become more culturally aware and sensitive to the needs of certain segments of your customer base. People raised in different cultures often have different values and priorities. Gaining a better understanding of other cultures will help you market to customers in those cultures more effectively, communicate with them in a more meaningful way, and more efficiently meet their needs. At La Paz Language Academy, we include cultural education in the curriculum for each language we teach because we understand the important role culture plays in communication and understanding. 


Our Methods

If you understand the value online language classes can provide your business, take the next step and start evaluating the best options for your company. We at La Paz Language Academy are confident that you’ll find that we provide the most comprehensive, effective languages classes online — and we have the accreditation to prove it. Click to learn more about our unique teaching methods and the languages we offer!