Are you getting ready to start learning a new language from the comfort of your home? If so, keep reading to learn what you’ll need to get started!

Have you signed up for online language lessons with La Paz Language Academy? Good for you! We can’t wait to get started with you down the road towards mastering a foreign language and learning about new cultures. You’re a wise student — online language lessons are far more affordable and accessible than in-person classes. No matter the level of COVID-19 restrictions where you live, online language school offers a number of advantages over the traditional classroom-based learning model. 

But just because online language lessons are more affordable than in-person learning doesn’t mean they’re entirely without their own costs. In today’s blog, we’d like to discuss a few of the things you’ll need in order to study effectively and get the most out of our learning with La Paz Language Academy! Continue reading to learn what you’ll need before class begins.


1) An Internet Connection

Starting off with the obvious, you’ll need a reliable Internet connection in order to attend online language classes. It matters less what kind of device you use to join class, be it your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer, and more that you’re situated in a location with a reliable connection to the web and decent data speed, so you can enjoy a smooth, uninterrupted video feed of your teacher and classmates. 

So if you’re taking online language classes primarily because your work or other obligations have you constantly on-the-go, take some time before classes begin to identify convenient locations you can rely on to have a steady Internet for class time.

Tip: If you’re uncertain about the quality of your Internet connection, conduct a quick, free Internet speed test by clicking here


2) A Webcam

In addition to an Internet connection, you’ll need a webcam in order to participate in online language classes. Most phones, laptops, and tablets have cameras built into them these days, but if you’re studying from a desktop computer without a camera, you’ll need to pick up a wired webcam that has a microphone built into it. Luckily, these types of webcams are often affordable and plug right into your USB port for easy installation. 


3) Pencil & Paper

While a pencil and paper are not absolutely necessary for your studying, especially if you’re using a computer or laptop for class, many students in our online language classes find that writing down information in class helps them retain it better. 


4) A Language Practice Buddy

Practicing speaking in a foreign language is always easier when you have somebody to talk to! That’s why we incorporate lots of group practice and group discussion opportunities into the curriculum of our online language classes here at La Paz. We also have additional language study hall opportunities for students interested in extra support and additional conversation practice with their classmates. 

Outside of these possibilities, though, it’s always helpful to involve friends from your offline life in your foreign language practice too, if they happen to be fluent in the language you’re studying. Even if they’re not skilled enough to speak your language of study with you, your friends can help you study with flashcards, quizzes, and other activities to keep you accountable in your studying habits. 


5) Motivation

Beyond the essential supplies, the most important intangible you’ll need to get the most out of online language classes is motivation to learn! Learning a new language isn’t something you accomplish overnight — even our quickest-learning students will have tough days where they’ll feel frustrated and not be as engaged in class. It’s important to keep your motivation for learning a new language in mind when you struggle, so that you can push through difficult moments with your good studying habits and developing linguistic knowledge intact. If you’re only taking online language lessons for academic credit or because your employer asked you to, try to find a more personal and meaningful reason for learning your new language of study! It will help immensely, we promise. 


Start Learning A New Language At La Paz Language Academy

Now that you know what you need to get the most out of online language classes, sign up for a course with La Paz Language Academy if you haven’t already! We offer classes in more than 20 of the world’s most popular languages. Choose your favorite and sign up today!