At La Paz Language Academy, we are pleased to offer a tutoring open lab program for dual language students enrolled in our children’s language learning programs. Many of our language teachers learned English as a second language at a young age, so our goal is to provide the extra help we wish we had while learning two languages at once. We consider it our duty to set all of our online language students up for success, which is why we offer this special program to give your child the personalized attention he or she needs to progress in the program.

About Our Tutoring Open Lab Program

Our tutoring open lab program is constructed specifically for 1st through 5th grade students who are either bilingual, or who are monolingual and are looking to add a second language to their repertoire. The open lab course follows the EPISD program, so students will practice the skills that the dual language program requires. During these tutoring sessions, our experienced native Spanish-speaking teachers will engage students in extra practice with these four critical skills involved in learning a new language: