Immerse your child in a new culture!

The earlier in life one begins learning a foreign language, the easier it is and a better chance there is:

  • To acquire a near native accent.
  • To have considerable chances for being accepted in important educational entities and be ready to compete in the professional world when they are adult.
  • To widen your child’s chances in a competitive world.
  • To perform significantly better in standardized tests of English, Spanish or other languages, and Mathematics.
  • To develop sensitivity and an affinity for people of different races and cultures.
  • To more likely develop a good self-image.


  • Group Classes: Morning and afternoon.
  • Convenient schedule.
  • After school classes for children. Private, semiprivate and groups.
  • Classes are assigned according to ages and levels.
  • Tutoring for all languages.

Our children’s classes develop students’ different competencies, and have multiple opportunities to increase their cultural awareness through:

  • Stimulating contents.
  • Traditional Children’s literature.
  • Songs and chants to further the usage of the target language.
  • Varied hands-on activities.
  • Consolidation of previous learning through songs and games.
  • Continuous language review
  • Projects
  • Holiday activities

Summer camps: Children are introduced to the language by our native speaker teachers. Students are presented with the culture, customs, and foods of the different countries. All this is done through interactive and hands-on activities, games and songs. The learners are taught most common phrases and vocabulary.

Special Programs

During the year La Paz Academy offers special programs, which are focused on different countries and cultures. Students have activities that allow them to explore and learn their folklore. Activities:

  • Plays in different languages
  • Chinese calligraphy
  • Japanese calligraphy and Origami
  • Songs in the foreign languages