About Our Accreditation

As an accredited online language school, we offer rigorous and engaging curriculum at La Paz Language Academy. Our online language classes are taught by native-speaking language teachers who engage students in interesting class material in order to help them learn a new language while earning school credit. Due to our accreditation, our language programs are held to a higher standard of excellence than other online language schools, making La Paz one of the top language learning sites.

La Paz Language Academy has been accredited since 2005 and has had thousands of students complete our high school language courses, earning them school credit from a reputable language school. Our language academy first received accreditation from SACS CASI, otherwise known as the Southern Association of Colleges and School Council on Accreditation and School Improvement. Since then, we have gained accreditation from AdvanceEd, the parent organization of SACS CASI, and we have been awarded continuing accreditation from AdvanceEd for the next five years.

In addition to our accreditation from SACS CASI and AdvanceEd, La Paz Language Academy was also awarded federal government contract status by the General Services Administration (GSA) in 2009. This status was renewed in 2019, making us one of the few one language schools in the U.S. that have received GSA approval (18 total). In 2012, La Paz was also approved as a DELE (Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language) Exam Centre by Institute Cervantes. This is the official accreditation of the degree of fluency of the Spanish language, which is issued and recognized by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Spain.

One of our most notable achievements as an online language school is our status as an AP Course Ledger, which allows La Paz Language Academy to include the AP® designation when these classes are listed on students’ transcripts. This means that students who complete our AP courses can earn college credit, which is transferable to many colleges throughout the nation. Our AP courses have been reviewed by the Advanced Placement Program® as part of the AP Course Audit for the academic years listed on the school’s Authorized AP Courses list.

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